Ollagnier / Ostrouch-Kaminska

Researching Gender in Adult Learning

2008. Buch. 252 S. Softcover
Peter Lang ISBN 978-3-631-58251-0
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Contents: Joanna Ostrouch/Edmée Ollagnier: Introduction: claiming space - making waves – Edmée Ollagnier: Gender, learning, recognition – Agnieszka Zembrzuska: Gender aspects of career counselling in Poland: a Foucauldian perspective – Elzbieta Wolodzko: Reflectivity and emancipation in feminist action research – Linden West: Gendered space: men, families and learning – Joanna Ostrouch: Researching with gender sensitiveness: two cases – Monika Grochalska: Qualitative methods in social mobility research – Tuula Heiskanen: Approaching gender issues with action research: collaboration and creation of learning spaces – Ingrid de Saint-Georges: 'She will never be a mason': interacting about gender and negotiating a woman’s place in adult training and education – Agnieszka Bron: Biographical methodology in gender studies and adult learning – Edyta Lyszkowska: Polish women’s mimetic behaviour under TV influence – Borislav Tchalovski: School context and stereotypes reproduction: the role of the teacher – Sheila Gaynard: Choices and transitions in lifelong learning and life course development: one woman’s story – Anna Vidali: Women and knowledge: a study of teachers in early childhood education.
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