Olivier / Shenoi

Advances in Digital Forensics II

1st Edition. Softcover version of original hardcover edition 2006 2010. Buch. xviii, 364 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-1-4419-4232-6
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Digital forensics deals with the acquisition, preservation, examination, analysis and presentation of electronic evidence. Practically every crime now involves some digital evidence; digital forensics provides the techniques and tools to articulate this evidence. This book describes original research results and innovative applications in the emerging discipline of digital forensics. In addition, it highlights some of the major technical and legal issues related to digital evidence and electronic crime investigations.
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Presents the most current research on digital forensics and its applications in security, digital evidence, and electronic crime investigations Second volume of an annual series produced by the IFIP Working Group 11.9 on Digital Forensics - an international community of scientists, engineers and practitioners dedicated to advancing the state of the art of research and practice in digital forensics
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