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The Internet of the Future

15th Open European Summer School and IFIP TC6.6 Workshop, EUNICE 2009, Barcelona, Spain, September 7-9, 2009, Proceedings
2009. Buch. XVII, 227 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
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th Ten years ago, the 5 edition of the EUNICE Summer School took place in Barcelona with the motto “Broadband for all.” This year, with the broadband promise already ful?lled in the city, the international workshop returned to th Barcelona in its 15 edition and focused on a polyhedrical approach to the Internet of the future. The Internet is shaping the twenty-?rst century information society. It has deeply transformed the way we learn, work and interact. All kinds of insti- tions, from universities to businesses, have been shaken by the wave of digital innovation.Leisureandsocialnetworksalsohavetheirplaceinthevirtualworld, and the younger generations cannot imagine a time when they could not be in permanent contact with friends around the globe, interchanging messages and multimedia content. The challengeof classifying,ranking andinterpreting the massive amounts of information that are being generated is breathtaking. Furthermore, the Internet is moving beyond the computer to reach mobile phones, smart gadgets and s- sor networks. The pervasiveness of the Internet fundamentally changed existing business models, and the business models themselves are driving the evolution of the Internet. In this scenario of relentless change, our aim is to foresee and design the networks and applications of the future.
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