Transatlantic Encounters

Philosophy, Media, Politics. In Memory of Mateusz Oleksy
2011. Buch. 275 S. Hardcover
Peter Lang Frankfurt ISBN 978-3-631-61728-1
Format (B x L): 14 x 21 cm
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This collection presents essays by leading European and American scholars addressing new research approaches to US Studies and their transatlantic reverberations. Beginning with philosophical discussions of the serious challenges facing civilization from the perspective of philosophical pragmatism, through a critique of the pervasive and enduring media discourse of terrorism, to reflections on the position of scholarship focusing on the United States in difficult times - our times - this volume considers in depth what is called or miscalled «American Studies». The collection’s specific topics range from a fresh look at philosophical pragmatism, through various representations of danger and fear in visual culture, to texts recording new attitudes to the study of the United States. An essay on children confronting the New World, papers on transnational or postnational American studies, and on presidential leadership as therapy signal that the time has come to revise the canon of the study of the United States.
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