Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injury

Prevention and Treatment
3rd ed. 2008. Buch. xxi, 304 S.: 26 s/w-Abbildungen, 43 s/w-Tabelle. Hardcover
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During the past several years, there has been an extensive reappraisal of the physiologic changes of pregnancy and their associated disorders, along with a refinement of diagnostic procedures and evaluation of the therapeutic approaches that are of primary concern to the physician. In Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injury: Prevention and Treatment, Third Edition, noted authority James A. O’Leary, M.D., with 40 years experience as an M.D. academician, lecturer, practitioner and clinical researcher with almost 200 contributions to the OB-GYN literature and textbooks, shares his insight on treatment techniques, identification and treatment of predisposing risk factors, current statistical data, ultrasound diagnosis and the necessary steps toward prevention, along with a thorough review of the important medical-legal issues.

Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injury: Prevention and Treatment, Third Edition supplements the limits of personal experience with the accumulated experience of many talented clinicians to aid physicians, midwives, and professionals in training with the most current information in this vital field.



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One-of-a-kind book, entirely rewritten and updated, now with nine renowned new authors Contains the latest causation theories and reviews of world-wide literature Contributors provide a combined clinical experience of over 200 years
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