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Interactive Teaching Atlas of Urologic Imaging

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2006. CD , Jewelcase. 0 S

Thieme. ISBN 978-3-13-143291-9


high-tech learning tool for allconcepts in urologic imagingThe new Interactive Teaching Atlas of Urologic Imaging provides a state-of-the-art learning experience for radiologists and urologists, residents in both specialties, and medical students. Complete with 102 cases, this CD-ROM tests the user's ability to interpret images and reach accurate diagnoses of common urologic disorders, such as stone disease and obstruction, urinary tract infection, solid renal neoplasms, renal cystic disease, transitional cell carcinoma, upper and lower urinary tract trauma, nephrographic abnormalities, adrenal abnormalities, abnormalities of the scrotum and testis, and more. Each case opens with the patient history and images. An easy-to-access menu enables the user to choose an appropriate diagnosis from a short list. Accompanying text reviews the radiologic findings, the diagnosis, as well as the differential diagnosis. The program keeps a running score of correct and incorrect responses and provides explanations for each answer, helping the user to track progress and identify areas requiring additional study.Special Features:
- 65 videos sequences of CT, MRI, and ultrasound examinations, complete with slide bar feature that enables the user to control and stop the image sequence as if viewing the original study
- This interactive program recreates the traditional one-on-one viewbox learning by providing the user with feedback on correct and incorrect answers
- User-friendly menu with search function allows user to review cases either as unknowns, by specific diagnosis, or in random order
- High-quality color artwork illustrates key concepts in anatomy and pathology of urologic trauma, cysts, tumors, and infection
- Coverage of traditional imaging tests such as KUB, IVP, retrograde pyelogram and cystogram
With an innovative combination of audio and visual features, Interactive Teaching Atlas of Urologic Imaging guarantees a stimulating educational experience for practicing physicians, residents, and medical students seeking a firm understanding of radiologic concepts in urology.


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