The Notion of lebendige Gegenwart as Compliance with the Temporality of the «Now»

The Late Husserl's Phenomenology of Time
2011. Buch. 120 S. Hardcover
Peter Lang Frankfurt ISBN 978-3-631-60780-0
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The last century has been marked by numerous discussions about the concept of the temporality of the «Now». The most essential elements of the topic of the «Now» are presented in atemporal analysis (and beyond) of lebendige Gegenwart. In the author’s analysis this notion is the core of phenomenology and a derivative phenomenologisation of the constitution of time. The first part of the book is dedicated to the necessary reconstruction of the category of the «Now», the second treats about the atemporality of the «Now», the third one is an additional reference to Husserlian deepest transcendental reduction: the «Now» as being freed from temporality. Furthermore, the author compares his thoughts to the ideas and to the concept of the «modalization of the consciousness» that is present in the post-Husserlian temporalities.
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