The Vatican II

The Laity and Today’s Challenges
2011. Buch. 204 S. Hardcover
Peter Lang Frankfurt ISBN 978-3-631-61864-6
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The advancement and prospect of today’s challenges in different phases of human endeavour (socio-political, economic, and religio-moral etc.) remain key challenges for the Church in general. What does this mean for the mission of the Church in all spheres of life? What is the implication of this for the Laity in the world today? How can the movement of the Laity contribute to the common good and good leadership in today’s world? Connecting these concrete questions to the more fundamental theological question of the role of the Laity in the mission of the Church is the main focus of this work. The author analyses the influences of the Social movements and Catholic Action as well as the transition into the various Laity congresses (1950-1957).
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