Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing

Theories and practices
2012. Buch. XVI, 185 S. Hardcover
Peter Lang ISBN 978-1-4331-1562-2
Format (B x L): 15,5 x 23 cm
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The convergence of the Internet and mobile telephony in the late 1990s produced a revolutionary business management tool: mobile marketing. Yet despite an increasing number of research publications and books focused on general business issues, many key concepts have seldom been explicated thoroughly. This book offers the first comprehensive coverage of mobile marketing from a theoretical and practical perspective, arguing that pragmatic mobile marketing tools need to be understood in terms of 'why' so that theories can be advanced. Questions relating to a theoretical framework of mobile marketing, factors influencing the adoption of mobile marketing, and other applications and cases of mobile marketing are provided alongside historical background.
This is a student-friendly text with up-to-date examples and issues presented throughout. Bibliographic references as well as a comprehensive glossary are provided at the end of the book.
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