Management of Knowledge-Intensive Organizations

Governance Models for Transformative Discovery
2018. Buch. Book. Hardcover
Springer-Verlag GmbH ISBN 978-3-319-97372-2
Format (B x L): 15.1 x 21.6 cm
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This book focuses on enhancing management theories of Knowledge-Intensive Organizations (KIOs), analyzing academic and research institutions and multilateral agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). The first part of the book discusses the trusteeship norms of academic KIOs and institutional barriers that generate bias in selecting the research agenda. The author then discusses how moral stakeholders affect a legitimate research scope, and research policies and academic KIOs address the issues. Finally, the book addresses how to control private incentives that stem from ownership components as well as ways to build alliance and governance mechanisms for this purpose. This work provides researchers with a discussion of the broader impacts of addressing global common goods from responsible KIO perspectives.

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