ojkowski / Blizzard / Narkiewicz / Fidelus

Doped Nanopowders

Synthesis, Characterisation, Applications
2007. Buch. 292 S. Softcover
Trans Tech Publications ISBN 978-3-908451-38-9
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The production of nanopowders, and their applications in industrial and technological innovation, is an important and growing area of interest in the world of nanotechnology. It is widely recognized that the basic properties of nanopowders are strongly influenced by their shape, size, distribution and surface chemistry.

This collection was intended to focus upon the particular topic of the doping of nanopowders. It was the object of the editors to bring together many scientists to share their experience in the synthesis, characterization and application of nanopowders doped with ions of rareearth elements, transition elements, or other metals. The areas of interest explored included doping levels, solubility levels, dopant distribution and location, and aspects of the scaling-up of production.
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