Analytische Chemie

Entwicklung und Zukunft
2010. Buch. XII, 688 S.: 510 s/w-Abbildungen. Hardcover
Wiley-VCH ISBN 978-3-527-32847-5
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
Gewicht: 1475 g
What would we understand from our world if we had no analysis methods to discover what is hidden? The analysis makes it possible to detect such as environmental pollutants to take measures to protect humans and the environment. This book deals with the various methods of analytical chemistry. It draws a line from the beginnings of this discipline at the huge variety of modern techniques in order to finally give an outlook for the future of science. A treasure trove for all analysts and analytically interested is written by one who has played a key role in the rapid developments of analytical chemistry in recent decades.
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