GWAI-92: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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1993. Buch. xiii, 407 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-540-56667-0
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This volume gives the proceedings of the sixteenth German
Conference on Artificial Intelligence, held in the Gustav
Stresemann Institute in Berlin from August 31 to September
3, 1992. The volume contains 24 papers presentedin the
technical sessions, 8 papers selected from the workshop
contributions, and an invited talk by D.M. Gabbay entitled
"Howto construct a logic for your application".
Topics discussed in the technical papers include: a model
elimination calculus, a sorted logic, human theorem proving,
deduction based on Shannon graphs, expert system
applications, knowledge engineering, time interval networks,
forward logic evaluation, concept support, heuristic
inductivegeneralization, language engineering, feature
logic, similarity assessment, and many others.



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