Oh / Oshima

Microincision Vitrectomy Surgery

Emerging Techniques and Technology.
2014. Buch. 248 S. Hardcover
S.Karger ISBN 978-3-318-02660-3
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Over the last two decades, tremendous progress has been made in vitrectomy surgery, most importantly the significant reduction of the gauge and implementation of microincision vitrectomy surgery (MIVS). At the same time, the introduction of wide-viewing systems and the utilization of vital dyes to better recognize structures like the vitreous and membranes have taken place.

This volume starts with the fundamentals of MIVS, introducing both the mechanics and the physics of the latest generation of vitrectomy devices, followed by a description of the discrete gauge systems (i.e. 23-, 25-, and 27-gauge). Individualized but mandatory settings, techniques, and technology are also discussed in detail. There are also more than ten chapters outlining concrete surgical strategies that give surgeons a thorough overview of the procedures.

Encompassing an overview of the recent advances in the field, this publication provides a valuable tool for general ophthalmologists as well as vitreoretinal specialists to easily review and master up-to-date information and surgical pearls.
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