Comparative Anatomy of Vegetative Organs of the Pteridophytes

2., revised ed.
1972. Buch. VIII, 502 S.: 459 Statistiken. Hardcover
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The Pteridophytes include the highly differentiated vascular cryptogams, living on land. They show a distinct alternation of generations in their life cycle. The gametophyte or the prothallium consists of flat, filiform or tuberous thallus of some millimeters, while the sporophyte is a large body provided with vegetative organs: the stems, leaves and roots, and also the differentiated tissues, represented by various kinds of vascular bundles. This book is the revised edition of Vergleichende Anatomie der Vegetationsorgane der Pteridophyten, published in 1938. Since the former edition, more than thirty years have passed, and during that period numerous investigations into the anatomy of the Pteridophytes have been carried out; their results are cited widely in this edition. The object of this handbook is to give an exact description of the anatomical structure of the vegetative organs of the sporophytes, that is, of the kinds of tissues and their arrangement in each organ, as well as the comparison of tissues in different kinds of plants; from the comparative, systematic and phylogenetic points of view. The fossil material is found as impressions generally and rather rarely in petrified condition. In the latter case, often the original cellular structures are well preserved. The fossil Pteridophytes often widely differ from the living ones and may play an important role in the explanation of the phylogenetic development of the tissues of living species, so that the anatomical structure of fossils is given here on as a large scale as possible. Of interest to every botanist, specialists in forestry, geographers, relevant research institutes, paleobotanists, institutes for applied botany, institutes for wood research, agricultural colleges, science libraries.
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