Paul's Koinonia with the Philippians

A Socio-Historical Investigation of a Pauline Economic Partnership
2014. Buch. XIV, 580 S. Softcover
Mohr Siebeck ISBN 978-3-16-153488-1
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Julien M. Ogereau explores the socio-economic dimension of Paul's koinonia with the Philippians from a Graeco-Roman perspective. After conducting a rigorous philological study of the business terminology Paul employs in Philippians in the light of documentary sources (papyri and inscriptions), he offers a thorough socio-economic reading of the letter that is informed by ancient cultural conventions. Challenging recent scholarship, Ogereau concludes that Paul's relationship with the Philippians followed the well-established pattern of economic partnerships ( koinonia/societas ), whereby Paul supplied the ars and opera (skill and labour), while the Philippians contributed the pecunia (funds).
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