Ogden / Claus

Service Learning for Youth Empowerment and Social Change

2004. Buch. XII, 198 S. Softcover
Peter Lang New York ISBN 978-0-8204-3858-0
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This book presents informed current thinking on the topic of community service learning programs for youth, offering both veteran and new voices in the field. Combining theory and research with descriptions of innovative programs and specific recommendations for program design, the authors argue for an approach to service learning that engages youth not only in helping others but in critical reflection and the democratic pursuit of social reform. Topics covered range from the theory and practice of service learning to research and ideas about teacher preparation and educational reform. Contributors include the editors, Joan Schine, Joseph Kahne, Joel Westheimer, Jim Youniss, Miranda Yates, Carol Kinsely, Richard Lakes, Tricia Bowers-Young, Cynthia Parsons, Alice Halsted, Robert Maloy, and others.
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