Apocalypticism in Early Reformation Hungary (1526–1566)

2015. Buch. 310 S. Softcover
Leipziger Universitätsverlag ISBN 978-3-86583-901-5
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This book explores apocalyptic thought in the context of questions concerning the formation of confessionalisation and national identity in early modern Hungary. The author focuses on the following issues: What explains intense apocalypticism in the sixteenth century, and how did it affect Hungary? What was the source of apocalyptic concept of time in Europe, and specifically in the Kingdom of Hungary? What kind of exegetical and classical (humanist) argumentation was deployed in the era? To what extent was this apocalypticism typical of the early Reformation? Was the emerging Hungarian frontier mentality the consequence of the Turkish conquest or was it rather the consequence of a general European shift of mentality? To what extent was apocalypticism in Hungary affected by the Western European discourse of the modern nation-state formations?
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