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Embedded Operating systems and Board Support Packages

Demystifying Embedded Systems

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2015. Buch. 656 S. Hardcover

Academic Press. ISBN 978-0-12-420026-5

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This book outlines the major elements that go into embedded operating systems and board support packages (BSPs), and gives readers a strong foundation on which to apply the technology they must master in the future. It describes types of embedded operating systems and demonstrates how they can be implemented within a particular embedded device. Current exciting technology trends within the embedded systems arena are discussed, including the latest examples of real world technologies: references to real-world hardware and software protocols, as well as references to technical specifications, are used.

With this book you will learn:

- what an embedded operating system is and what a board support package is
- to understand the main components that make up embedded operating systems, and their internal design
- how to determine the most suitable embedded operating system for a particular device
- how to select the best embedded operating system for a particular product, between different real world embedded operating systems available on the market
- what the main components that make up a board support package (BSP) are, and the internal design of BSPs
- how to port an embedded operating system from one platform to another, and the importance of a board support package in solving the challenges of porting embedded middleware and application software from one embedded platform
- design, development and debugging of an embedded operating system and an underlying board support package
- how to predict the security, robustness and predictability of an embedded system that utilizes a particular embedded operating system design
- Outlines the entire process of designing embedded operating systems and their underlying board support packages
- References to real-world hardware and software demonstrate and explain practical 'know how', relative to the underlying concepts throughout the entire book
- Contains numerous real world examples (based on industry software), source code, problems and solutions, references, projects, glossary, and web links with software.


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