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Organic Nitro Chemistry Series Nitrocarbons Arnold T. Nielsen Nitrocarbons provides detailed coverage of the syntheses, reactions, and physical properties of the five known nitrocarbons. The group of new (unknown) nitrocarbons is also discussed. Nitrocarbons act well as nitrating agents, oxidants, and electron acceptors, and each known nitrocarbon has its own unique and interesting chemistry. Interest in synthesizing both known and unknown nitrocarbons stems from their value as potential explosive and propellant ingredients. In addition, the new chemistry developed in efforts to synthesize nitrocarbons has led to applications in many other synthetic problems. The author, one of the world's leading authorities on the synthesis and chemistry of nitrocarbons, discusses studies applying tetranitromethane reactions to studies of the biological activity of enzymes and other proteins. The relationship between structure and the chemical and physical properties of nitrocarbons, such as stability and explosive power, is also covered. Applications and theoretical calculations of nitrocarbons as explosives and propellant ingredients are given, as are detailed references to the primary literature in the area of nitrocarbons. Nitrocarbons will be of interest to organic chemists, chemists in the defense industry, and explosives specialists, as well as physicists, inorganic chemists, and biochemists. ISBN 1-56081-681-3 VCH Publishers, Inc.

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