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Nautiyal / Bhaskar / Khan

Biodiversity of Semiarid Landscape

Baseline Study for Understanding the Impact of Human Development on Ecosystems

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2015. 2015

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Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-15463-3

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The present study covers authentic data compiled from field experiments and investigations. This study is meant to provide a reference point for any future changes associated with all anthropogenic activity in semi-arid ecosystems. Three years of continuous and rigorous empirical research on biodiversity (phytoplankton to higher plants and zooplankton to higher animals – all flora and fauna) in the semi-arid region of India have culminated in this volume. There are many studies available on the issues related to biodiversity but they mostly cover either groups of plants or groups of animals. Research studies which include all flora and fauna including phyto-zooplanktons in a given ecosystem are not readily available with the exception of this volume. This work is important in its own right as the Indian government has chosen the area for the establishment of a nuclear power plant. Therefore, the results of the current study will provide a baseline of information for subsequent monitoring and mapping of biodiversity for conservation and management. A standard protocol was developed for this study. This research aims to explore, quantify and survey plant and animal species from aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The phyto-sociological assessment and quantitative analysis of diversity indices of different vegetation strata are part of the objectives of the study. The conservation status of each species (flora fauna) was investigated as per IUCN category. The study of landscape dynamics using RS and GIS for vegetation analysis was also part of this study. It went on to cover traditional ecological knowledge related to the use, conservation and management of biodiversity. Bearing in mind the facts given above, this volume will be highly beneficial not only to researchers from environmental/ecological sciences but also to conservationists and policy makers.  

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