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Portraits of Jesus

Studies in Christology

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2012. Buch. XX, 460 S. Softcover

Mohr Siebeck. ISBN 978-3-16-151795-2

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The authors of this collection of essays focus on understandings of Jesus in various early Christian writings. Notable are several texts that examine the presentation of Jesus in the Gospels of John and Mark, as well as in the Book of Hebrews and in the letters of Paul. Other early Christian literature is represented as well, from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas to various Apocryphal Acts of Apostles and liturgical or other prayer texts, while some essays address a range of ancient literature, Christian and non-Christian. The authors of these essays examine the ways in which ancient writers addressed the significance of Jesus, as well as the their sources, dialogue partners, and critics in a variety of perspectives and methods. Contributors:Stephen P. Ahearne-Kroll, Paul F. Bradshaw, Dylan M. Burns, Joshua Ezra Burns, Stephen J. Davis, Joshua D. Garroway, Judith M. Gundry, Daniel C. Harlow, Jeremy F. Hultin, Timothy Luckritz Marquis, Candida R. Moss, Susan E. Myers, George L. Parsenios, Michael Peppard, Richard I. Pervo, Bryan D. Spinks, Gregory E. Sterling, Thomas H. Tobin, S.J., Emma Wasserman


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