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Mutzel / Jünger / Leipert

Graph Drawing

9th International Symposium, GD 2001 Vienna, Austria, September 23-26, 2001, Revised Papers

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2002. Buch. xvi, 528 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

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With 133 registered participants from 27 countries, including 19 participants fromindustry,theInternationalSymposiumonGraphDrawing2001(GD2001) that took place in Vienna, September 23–26, 2001, clearly demonstrated that the graph drawing community is still growing. The 31 contributed talks that hadbeenselectedoutof66papersubmissionsbytheprogramcommitteere?ect themanyfacetsofgraphdrawingandthehighactivityinourscienti?cdiscipline. In addition, we had the pleasure of enjoying invited presentations by Alexander Schrijver and Eduard Gr¨ oller that mark extreme points of the wide spectrum of graph drawing, the mathematical foundations and the computer graphics, respectively.Wehavecompiledthewrittenversionsofthesecontributionsinthe same order as they were presented during the conference. WehaveaddedacorrectversionofJoanP.Hutchinson’scontributiontoGD 2000 that had been misprinted in the GD 2000 proceedings. GD 2001 hosted a software exhibition that gave participants and guests the opportunity for hands-on experience with state-of-the-art graph drawing tools. Outofthe26submittedsoftwaretools,24werepresentedattheconferenceand received considerable attention by the participants. Each of them is represented here by a two-page-summary. Inaspecialsessionongraphexchangeformats,organizedbyGiuseppeLiotta, theGXLandtheGraphMLprojectswerepresentedbyAndreasWinterandUlrik Brandes,respectively,andthenalivelydiscussionfollowed.Thewrittenversions of the two reports are also included here. The ?nal contribution in this volume is a report on a traditional component of all graph drawing conferences that is a serious and a fun event at the same time: the Graph Drawing Contest 2001 organized by Franz Brandenburg. We would like to thank all contributors for the pleasant cooperation.


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