Müller-Graff / Selvig

The Approach to European Law in Germany and Norway

2004. Buch. 182 S. Softcover
BWV ISBN 978-3-8305-0929-5
Format (B x L): 15,3 x 22,7 cm
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European law has become a normality for Germany since long and for Norway (in a specific form) since the establishment of the European Economic Area. On one side European law requires uniform application and respect in all States concerned, on the other side it encounters specific national concepts, traditions and practices of law. Hence the question emerges whether these factors have an impact on approaching and handling European law.

This volume is devoted to a comparative analysis of the approach to European law in Germany and Norway. The topic is dealt with under four approach aspects: in legal doctrine, in domestic legislation, in national jurisprudence and in national government and public administration.
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