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Mühlbauer / Kramer / von Starck

Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies

Fundamentals - Processes - Components - Safety

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1. Auflage 2007 2004. Buch. 820 S. Hardcover

Vulkan Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8027-2933-1

Format (B x L): 15,5 x 23 cm

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In Europe, thermoprocessing is the third largest energy consumption
sector following traffic and room heating. Its structure is very much
diversified and complex. Therefore it is split into a large number of
subdivisions, each of them having a high importance for the industrial
economy. Accordingly we find the application know-how for the design
and the execution of respective equipment represented by a multitude of
small but very specialized and significant companies and their experts.
As a result there was only little chance to find a comprehensive survey
of the practical side of this technology so far. This gap is now filled
by the new “Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies”
based on the contributions of many highly experienced, outstanding
engineers working in this field. The main intention of this book is the
presentation of practical thermal processing for the improvement of
material and parts in industrial application. Additionally, a summary
of respective thermal and material science fundamentals is given as
well as basic fuel-related and electrical engineering knowledge for
this technology and finally design aspects, components and safety
requirements for the necessary heating installations are covered. In
conclusion, a very wide and competent state of the art description is
now available for all manufacturers and users of thermoprocessing
equipment. But also specialists from neighbouring fields, students and
all those who are generally interested in this important but widely
unknown technology will find a quick survey here as well as a very
profound expertise. Content: Heating processes, Thermoprocesses with
gas circulation; Thermoprocesses with heat from electric energy;
Melting and casting of metals; Heating and heat treatment; Components;
Safety, Standards etc.


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