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Principles of Inventory Management

When You Are Down to Four, Order More
. 2009. Buch. xviii, 339 S.: 42 s/w-Tabelle, 1 Farbtabelle, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-387-24492-1
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Inventories are prevalent everywhere in the commercial world, whether it be in retail stores, manufacturing facilities, government stockpile material, Federal Reserve banks, or even your own household. This textbook examines basic mathematical techniques used to sufficiently manage inventories by using various computational methods and mathematical models.

The text is presented in a way such that each section can be read independently, and so the order in which the reader approaches the book can be inconsequential. It contains both deterministic and stochastic models along with algorithms that can be employed to find solutions to a variety of inventory control problems.

With exercises at the end of each chapter and a clear, systematic exposition, this textbook will appeal to advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate students in operations research, industrial engineering, and quantitative MBA programs. It also serves as a reference for professionals in both industry and government worlds. The prerequisite courses include introductory optimization methods, probability theory (non-measure theoretic), and stochastic processes.



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More mathematical than some other texts in this field, with a good balance between simplicity and rigour Has a clear, systematic exposition with detailed examples and exercises at the end of each chapter A wellorganized textbook where each section can be read independently Contains 50+ figures