Muc / Barski / Kedziora

Advanced Materials in Machine Design

Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only
2013. CD, CD-ROM.
Trans Tech Publications ISBN 978-3-03795-375-4
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This book is a collection of papers concerning the application of advanced materials in machine design. Depending on the scale at which they are analyzed and used, we can talk about composites, nano-composites, nano-materials and intelligent materials, e.g. such as piezoelectric materials, magneto-restrictive materials, functional (Shape Memory Alloys) materials. The efficient and effective use of materials in design applications is directly connected with the good knowledge of the static and fatigue strengths of the material. The detection and control of damages and the study of their effects on the mechanical behavior of materials (especially composite structures) become important practical issues. Materials with multifield coupling properties are an important aspect of modern science and technology with applications in many industrial fields. The book is intended for researchers, engineers, designers and students interested in advanced materials and their use in the machine design and mechanical engineering.
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