Mubarak-Aberer / Cooke

Translating Politeness Across Englishes

The Princess and the Pea. Translation Happens Volume 3
2017. Buch. 145 S. Hardcover
Lang, Peter GmbH ISBN 978-3-631-72532-0
Format (B x L): 15.4 x 21.3 cm
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Due to the increasing lingua-cultural heterogeneity of today's users of English, it has become necessary to examine politeness, translation and transcultural communication from a different perspective. This book proposes a concept for a transdisciplinary methodology to shed some light onto the opaque relationship between the lingua-cultural biographies of users of English and their patterns of perceiving and realizing politeness in speech acts. The methodology incorporates aspects of CAT tools and business intelligence systems, and is designed for long-term research that can serve as a foundation for theoretical studies or practical contexts, such as customer relationship management and marketing.
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