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Heraclitea / Témoignages et citations

De Sénèque à Diogène Laërce

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2000. Buch. 402 S. Softcover

Academia Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-3-89665-134-1

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In französischer und griechischer Sprache


This volume contains over 375 texts with testimonia on Heraclitus and his teaching and quotations from his book dating from the 1st-2nd cent. AD (e. g. by Plutarch, Clement, Hippolytus and Sextus). Volume II.A.2 contains the second part of Traditio (A), i. e. the testimonia on Heraclitus and his teaching and the quotations from his book which indubitably refer to him and date from the second period of the transmission of his corpus: from Seneca (1st cent. A.D.) to Diogenes Laertius (end of 2nd cent. A.D.).This book of 400 pages is divided into 55 chapters devoted each to one witness (sometimes to a group of anonymous witnesses) and includes over 375 texts. The most important chapters are those dealing with Seneca, the Pseudo-Heraclitean Letters (10 texts, 36 p., in fact a new revised edition), the Doxographer 'Aetius' (70 texts, 38 p.), Plutarch (52 texts, 50 p.), Clement of Alexandria (37 texts, 41 p.), Hippolytus of Rome (20 texts, 38 p.), Sextus Empiricus (17 texts, 15 p.), Diogenes Laertius (18 texts, 22 p.). In volumes II.A.1 to II.A.4 each text in the wide sense (or item) falls into 5 structural constituents: 1. The internal numbering (which is systematic and new in each chapter) and the external numbering (which is consecutive, and one and the same for the whole of Traditio (A)); 2. The references: author, title, 'book', chapter and paragraph of the passage, volume(s), page(s), line(s) and name(s) of the Editor or Editors of the critical edition(s) used - up to four-five editions for the same item; 3. The original text in the narrow sense, i. e. the Greek (Latin, Armenian.) text, as established by the Editor of Heraclitea; 4. A translation of it into French; and 5. The three critical apparatuses to the text including: (I) the cross references to indirect witnesses and to parallel texts (sometimes quoted), (II) the cross references to previous editions of Heraclitus (from Henricus Stephanus to the present time) and (III) the manuscript variants (with a list of the MSS) and the conjectures by modern scholars (with references to their works).


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