Heraclitea / III.1: La Vie, la Mort et le Livre d'Héraclite

La Vie, la Mort et le Livre d'Héraclite
1., Aufl. 2004. Buch. 272 S. Hardcover
Academia Verlag ISBN 978-3-89665-198-3
Format (B x L): 14,8 x 21 cm
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Recensio III.1 = Héraclite d'Éphèse, Les Vestiges, 1. Memoria Heraclitea.
This volume is given over to the extraction, examination and analysis of the content of all the material concerning Heraclitus' life, book and iconography.
Volume III.1 of the Heraclitea contains the first part of Recensio, a systematic commented edition of the texts which can properly be attributed to Heraclitus, and is devoted to all the testimonia we possess on his life, his legend, his death, his portraits and the external information concerning his book and its fate, including his most complete ever published iconography.
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