Oleh Hornykiewicz

2003. Buch. 336 S. Softcover
Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ISBN 978-3-7001-3163-2
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1. Research on Neurotransmitter Treatments for Neurological Disease,
1.1 The first public scientific presentation of the discovery of the dopamine deficit in Parkinson´s diseases;
1.2. Distribution of noradrenaline and dopamine (3-hydroxytyramine) in the human brain and their behavior in diseases of the extrapyramidal system;
1.3 The effect of L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (=DOPA) on akinesia in parkinsonism;
1.4 Dopamine (3-hydroxytyramine) and brain function;
1.5 The occurrence of dopamine (3-hydroxytyramine) in the central nervous system: Its relationship to Parkinsonism.

2. Reminiscences and outside Commentaries;
2.1 How L-DOPA was discovered as a drug for Parkinson´s disease 40 years ago;
2.1 Outside commentaries.

3 Autobiographical and Bibliographical Writings;
3.1 A Personal research record: Mostly Dopamine and mostly Parkinson´s disease;
3.2 Curriculum vitae;
3.3 List of publications
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