Women in Italy, 1945–1960: An Interdisciplinary Study

An Interdisciplinary Study
2006 2007. Buch. ix, 246 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
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This volume brings together specialists from a variety of disciplines to develop a deeper understanding of the social, political, and cultural history of women in Italy in the years 1946-1960. Despite being a time when women and the family were at the center of national debates, and when society changed considerably, the fifteen years following the Second World War have tended to be overlooked or subsumed into discussions of other periods. By focusing on the experience of women and by broadening the frame of reference to include subjects and sources often ignored, or only alluded to, by traditional analyses, the essays in this volume break new ground and provide a corrective to previous interpretive models.
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HIGHLY INTERDISCIPLINARY: Draws insights from literature, film/television studies, women's studies, history, politics, theatre, journalism, sport, and fashion to paint a new picture of Italian women's experiences during the post-war years NEGLECTED SUBJECT: Addresses an identifiable cavity in the scholarship of women's history in Italy RISING SCHOLARS AND ESTABLISHED LEADERS IN FIELD: Bringing together emerging scholars and established leaders in the field highlights and bolsters the different approaches available, to really get to the core of this subject