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Building Construction – From Principle to Detail

Volume 1 – Fundamentals

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Buch. Softcover

1st ed. 2022. 2022


In englischer Sprache

Springer Vieweg. ISBN 978-3-662-61741-0

Format (B x L): 17,8 x 25,4 cm


Construction is the means by which designing architects and engineers transform a design idea into built reality. It is from this perspective that the subject of 'building construction design' is dealt with by the architect José Luis Moro in three comprehensive volumes. Each is dedicated to the methodological, physical and functional fundamentals, the conception of a constructional solution, and finally its implementation in the constructional detail. Not only do the three volumes provide extensive content; they also ensure the greatest possible clarity in the text and graphics, in order to make it easier for learners to access the material. Importantly, they focus not only on conveying technical and scientific information, but also on demonstrating the complex relationships and interactions between design, material and construction. Great importance was attached to developing consistent, overarching and meaningful correlations between the numerous and highly diverse topics covered. After an introduction to planning theory topics, Volume 1 ("Fundamentals") addresses sustainability issues in the context of constructional design. This is followed by a discussion of the most important material-related considerations and their consequences for the constructional application of the materials. The range of currently available industrial building products is also presented. Furthermore, the essential requirements and functions that building structures must fulfill from a structural, building physics, building acoustics and fire protection perspective are examined. In closing, the book considers questions of durability. Contents Constructional Design • Order and Segmentation • Industrialized Building • Dimensional Order • Ecology • Economy • Social Issues • Recycling • Matter • Technical Materials • Stone • Concrete • Wood • Steel • Reinforced Concrete • Glass • Synthetics • Artificial Stones • Wood Products • Steel Products • Glass Products • Synthetic Products • Functions—Spectrum • Force Transmission • Hygrothermics • Sound Protection • Fire Protection • Durability Target Groups Architects, civil engineers in study and practice Author Professor Moro has been a Professor of the Fundamentals of Planning and Design in Building Construction at the University of Stuttgart since 1995, and a Professor of Conceptual and Constructional Design since 2006. He is a member of both the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering. His research chiefly focuses on the building envelope and design-relevant interactions between structure and architectural form. Professor Moro has had his own architectural practice since 1990.

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