Spectral Theory and Quantum Mechanics

Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theories, Symmetries and Introduction to the Algebraic Formulation
2nd ed. 2017 2018. Buch. xxii, 950 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-319-70705-1
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This book discusses the mathematical foundations of quantum theories. It offers an introductory text on linear functional analysis with a focus on Hilbert spaces, highlighting the spectral theory features that are relevant in physics. After exploring physical phenomenology, it then turns its attention to the formal and logical aspects of the theory.

Further, this Second Edition collects in one volume a number of useful rigorous results on the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics focusing in particular on von Neumann algebras, Superselection rules, the various notions of Quantum Symmetry and Symmetry Groups, and including a number of fundamental results on the algebraic formulation of quantum theories.

Intended for Master's and PhD students, both in physics and mathematics, the material is designed to be self-contained: it includes a summary of point-set topology and abstract measure theory, together with an appendix on differential geometry. The book also benefits established researchers by organizing and presenting the profusion of advanced material disseminated in the literature. Most chapters are accompanied by exercises, many of which are solved explicitly."
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Most chapters are accompanied by exercises, many of which are solved explicitly Presents several examples of the physical formalism Can be used as an advanced introductory text on spectral theory and operator algebras