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Measurement and Control in Liquid Metal Processing

Proceedings 4th Workshop held in conjunction with the 53rd International Foundry Congress, Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 10, 1986

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1987. Buch. x, 204 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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R. J. MOREAU, Professor MADYLAM, Inst. Nat. Poly technique de Grenoble, France The material on which the foundryman 1S focus1ng his attent10n 1S a molten metal, ferrous or not, coming from the melt1ng equipment, Wh1Ch is to be del1vered into a mould where it w1ll solidify. The foundryman 1S the last person 1n th1S process who still has the poss1b1l1 ty of acting to control the quality of the casting. Indeed, most of the respons1bil1ty 1n th1S quality bus1ness is vested 1n him. Bes1des, as anyone involved 1n metals processing, he 1S engaged 1n the ongoing effort to achieve the highest eff1c1ency and the best working condit10ns. To deal w1th th1S metal he needs to know f1rst its physical properties (temperature, composit1on, 1mpur1ties. ) and the way they influence 1tS behav10ur (llqU1dus, solidus, structure •. ). He also needs to know how this complex flu1d flows (head losses in gating parts, flow rates, levels in moulds. ) and 1S modif1ed by its enV1ronment (heat fluxes, temperature var1at10ns, solidification. ). Responding to th1S need requires an important and regularly updated knowledge as well as preC1se measurements and advanced control processes. One may therefore appreciate why the topic "MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL IN LIQUID METAL PROCESSING" was chosen by the CIATF for the 1986 workshop.


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