Morandi / Sodano / Tagliacozzo / Tognetti

Field Theories for Low-Dimensional Condensed Matter Systems

Spin Systems and Strongly Correlated Electrons
2000. Buch. xii, 280 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-540-67177-0
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This book is especially addressed to young researchers in theoretical physics with a basic background in Field Theory and Condensed Matter Physics. The topics were chosen so as to offer the largest possible overlap between the two expertises, selecting a few key problems in Condensed Matter Theory which have been recently revisited within a field-theoretic approach. The presentation of the material is aimed not only at providing the reader with an overview of this exciting frontier area of modern theoretical physics, but also at elucidating most of the tools needed for a technical comprehen­ sion of the many papers appearing in current issues of physics journals and, hopefully, to enable the reader to tackle research problems in this area of physics. This makes the material a live creature: while not pretending it to be exhaustive, it is tutorial enough to be useful to young researchers as a starting point in anyone of the topics covered in the book.



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This book presents lucid and up-to-date contributions of some of the most prominent scientists in the field It will be of great benefit to both senior scientists and young researchers active in condensed matter theory