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Mönkemüller / Malfertheiner

Innovations in Interventional Endoscopy

Special Topic Issue: Digestive Diseases 2008, Vol. 26, No. 4

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2009. Buch. 130 S. 53 Illustrationen, 32 Tabellen. Softcover

S.Karger. ISBN 978-3-8055-9049-5

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The field of interventional endoscopy has developed and expanded at an incredible pace over the last decades, and there appear to be few limits to its application in any part of the gastrointestinal tract. The topics presented in this publication highlight some of the most current aspects, controversies and recommendations in selected areas of interventional endoscopy. Besides careful clinical examination and individualization of the endoscopic intervention based on the patient’s characteristics, it is imperative to understand the biology and behavior of gastrointestinal diseases such as early neoplasias of the esophagus, stomach and colon in order to identify the best possible endoscopic therapy. A key instrument among novel developments is the double balloon enteroscope, which has opened a new access to the small bowel. Last but not least, the therapy for most pancreatic fluid collections has evolved from a primary surgical approach to a primary endoscopic one, leading to a better understanding of the pathophysiology and anatomy of these collections. This collection of state-of-the-art reviews and original contributions will be a most helpful guide for those striving to keep abreast of current developments.


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