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Missaoui / Schmid

Formal Concept Analysis

4th International Conference, ICFCA 2006, Dresden, Germany, Feburary 13-17, 2006, Proceedings

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2006. Buch. x, 314 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-32203-0

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ThisvolumecontainsselectedpapersofICFCA2006,the4thInternationalC- ference on Formal Concept Analysis. The ICFCA conference series aims to be the prime forum for the publication of advances in applied lattice and order theory and in particular scienti?c advances related to formal concept analysis. Formalconceptanalysisis a?eldofappliedmathematics withitsmathema- calrootinordertheory,inparticularthetheoryofcompletelattices.Researchers had long been aware of the fact that these ?elds have many potential appli- tions. Formal concept analysis emerged in the 1980s from e?orts to restructure lattice theory to promote better communication between lattice theorists and potential users of lattice theory. The key theme was the mathematical form- ization of concept and conceptual hierarchy. Since then, the ?eld has developed into a growing research area in its own right with a thriving theoretical com- nity and an increasing number of applications in data and knowledge processing including data visualization, information retrieval, machine learning, data an- ysis and knowledge management. ICFCA2006re?ectedbothpracticalbene?tsandprogressinthefoundational theory of formal concept analysis. This volume contains four lecture notes from invited speakers and 17 regular papers, among them one position paper. All regular papers appearing in these proceedings were refereed by at least two, in most cases three independent reviewers. The ?nal decision to accept the papers was arbitrated by the Program Chairs based on the referee reports.


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