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Minoli / Cordovana

Minoli-Cordovana's Authoritative Computer & Network Security Dictionary

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2006. Buch. 456 S. Softcover

WILEY. ISBN 978-0-471-78263-6

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A dictionary and handbook that defines the field and provides unique insight

Turn to Minoli-Cordovana's Authoritative Computer and Network Security Dictionary for clear, concise, and up-to-date definitions of terms, concepts, methods, solutions, and tools in the field of computer and network security. About 5,555 security- and IT-related words and phrases are defined. Drawing their definitions from their work experience and from a variety of established and respected sources, the authors have created a single, up-to-the-minute, and standardized resource that users can trust for accuracy and authority.

The dictionary is written for industry executives, managers, and planners who are charged with the responsibility of protecting their organizations from random, negligent, or planned attacks on their information technology resources. It not only defines terms, but also provides these professionals with critical insight into the terms' use and applicability in the field of IT security. Users can therefore refer to the dictionary as a handbook and guide to provide direction and support in all critical areas of computer and network security.

Using a holistic approach, the dictionary takes a broad view of computer and network security, providing users with a single source that defines the complete field, including:

* Definitions targeting the many resources that need to be protected, such as hosts, systems, OSs, databases, storage, information, communications links, communications network elements, clients, PCs, PDAs, VoIP devices, wireless access points and devices, Bluetooth systems, digital content, e-mail, and more
* Definitions for a core set of general IT and networking topics and terms, focusing on recent threats such as worms, viruses, trojans, physical security, internally based attacks, and social engineering
* Definitions for financial topics and terms that are connected to IT security issues, to support the business case for strong security mechanisms at the firm

With the worldwide financial impact of malicious code estimated at roughly 100 billion dollars a year and the threat of ever-increasing vulnerabilities, this dictionary provides essential support to help identify and reduce security risks and protect network and computer users from hostile applicationsand viruses.


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