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Mignin / Rey

Hiring the Best Qualified and Most Talented Employees

Handbook on Global Recruiting, Screening, Testing, and Interviewing Criteria

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2008. Buch. 1606 S. Hardcover

Kluwer Law International. ISBN 9789041126306

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Many global companies want to establish a uniform culture among talented employees with common company values at all levels of the organization at all operations throughout the world. As companies expand their global operations, and as competition within and across jurisdictions increases, companies want to upgrade their workforce and hire the “very best” and “most talented” employees in each country where they have operations. Successful recruiting, interviewing and screening of candidates – from the lowest to the highest level within the organization - will reduce turnover and other costs in the long run and increase profitability. As companies expand their global operations, in-house and outside counsel and H.R. representatives are more regularly being asked to provide advice on the following issues: What, if any, policies and procedures can a company adopt on a global basis to hire the best employees? What, if any, information can be requested of a candidate on an employment application? What, if any, questions can be asked of a candidate in an interview? What, if any, information needs to be shared with the candidate about the company or about the job? What, if any, pre-employment medical tests or exams or other tests can be required of a candidate? This handbook will provide both legal and practical answers to these questions and discuss the delicate balance between maintaining the privacy rights of employees with the business interests of employers


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