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Michael Milton

Head First Excel

A learner's guide to spreadsheets

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2010. Buch. 438 S

O'Reilly. ISBN 978-0-596-80769-6

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Do you use Excel for simple lists, but get confused and frustrated when it comes to actually doing something useful with all that data? Stop tearing your hair out: Head First Excel helps you painlessly move from spreadsheet dabbler to savvy user

Whether you're completely new to Excel or an experienced user looking to make the program work better for you, this book will help you incorporate Excel into every aspect of your workflow, from a scratch pad for data-based brainstorming to exploratory analysis with PivotTables, optimizing outcomes with Goal Seek, and presenting your conclusions with sophisticated data visualizations

* Organize and clearly present information in a spreadshee

* Make calculations across a number of worksheet

* Change your point of view with sorting, zooming, and filterin

* Manipulate numerical data to extract and use just what you nee

* Leverage Excel as a grid-based layout progra

* Write formulas for optimal functionalit

* Nest formulas for more complex operation

* Create sophisticated data visualizations with charts and graph

* Use Goal Seek to optimize possible outcomes based on different assumption

* Create summaries from large data sets for exploratory data analysis with PivotTable

We think your time is too valuable to waste struggling with new concepts. Using the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to craft a multi-sensory learning experience, Head First Excel uses a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works, rather than a text-heavy approach that will put you to sleep.


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