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M. Niemeyer. ISBN 978-3-484-10694-9

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This annotated bibliography of dramas of the 18th century covers all dramas performed and/or published between 1700 and 1799 in the former German Empire, furthermore their translations, adaptations and reprints up to the present; editions in foreign languages are included as far as they were performed and/or published in the territory of the former German Empire. Among them are especially the plays and editions of the court operas in Italian language and an abundance of texts especially by Zeno, Pariati, Metastasio, Da Ponte and others, the Latin dramas of the school theatres and the French drama editions of the big printing offices of the residences of the Empire. Additionally the bibliography contains inventories of titles and performances of dramas not printed, as far as it was possible to discover them in repertories, contemporary reviews, magazines etc. or by research of regional or theatre history. The editions are described up to the first page of the play text. All registrations are based on autopsy. The stocks of about 200 European and US libraries were carefully researched.
The bibliography contains indexes of places, publishers, dedicatees, and illustrators, indexes of authors, composers, and a key-word-index.

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