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The German Crane Industry

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1924. Buch. 98 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-98405-1

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Of the German industries, which before the war shipped a considerable part of their manufacture overseas, the Ger­ man crane industry ranks foremost. The exports not only covered the simple hoisting gear and transport devices, which were produced by mass production methods and could be used everywhere with equal advantage, but also all the special apparatus and plants, which were designed to meet local requirements, i. e. the most situable and appropriate equip­ ments for given conditions. - This industry was not idle during and after the war and continued to improve its manufactures, to simplify its methods and thus to achieve a reduction in prices. It is, therefore, in a position to supply the most appropiate hoisting gear for any given purpose. This pamphlet is intended to give a survey of the present standing of the German crane industry. Our old friends abroad may gather from its contents, that in the meantime the crane industry has made further progress. Those would-be customers, however, who have not yet become acquainted with German manufactures, may find useful hints in this booklet, which may persuade them to pass on an enquiry to some German firm. It was thought advisable to include a number of rules and regulations in this book, which have been found necessary in the operation of modern crane plants in order to prolong the life of such plants and to minimize the natural wear of the single apparatus and mechanisms.


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