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The Construction of Analogy-Based Research Programs

The Lock-and-Key Analogy in 20th Century Biochemistry

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2019. Buch. 224 S. Kt. Softcover

transcript Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8376-4442-5

Format (B x L): 14.8 x 22.6 cm

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When the German chemist Emil Fischer presented his lock-and-key hypothesis in 1899, his analogy to describe the molecular relationship between enzymes and substrates quickly gained vast influence and provided future generations of scientists with a tool to investigate the relation between chemical structure and biological specificity.
Rebecca Mertens explains the appeal of the lock-and-key analogy by its role in model building and in the construction of long-term, cross-generational research programs. She argues that a crucial feature of these research programs, namely ascertaining the continuity of core ideas and concepts, is provided by a certain way of analogy-based modelling.


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