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Menrad / Agrafiotis / Enzing

Future Impacts of Biotechnology on Agriculture, Food Production and Food Processing

A Delphi Survey

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The application of modern biotechnology in the Agro-Food sector is intensively discussed in Europe. While new scientific and technical options as well as economic benefits are expected, questions arise concerning possible damaging impacts on the environment, the health of consumers as well as ethical aspects. Against this background a specifically designed Delphi survey was carried out with financial support of the EU Comission. The around 1200 experts from science, industry, agriculture, consumer organizations, politics and critical groups of Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain agree that biotechnical approaches will be broadly used for different purposes in the Agro-Food sector in the coming decade. However, there are significant differences in the estimations of the experts concerning the economic, social, environmental and health related impacts of these developments. A detailed and differentiated view of the future application of modern biotechnology is presented often going against the "black and white" pattern emerging in the public debate.


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