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Mengel / Holleman

Fundamentals of Clinical Practice

A Textbook on the Patient, Doctor, and Society

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2012. Buch. xxiv, 515 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-1-4613-7681-1

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Fundamentals of Clinical Practice is an introductory textbook focusing on the patient­ physician relationship. Formerly closeted behind closed doors, this most intimate of healing relationships is coming under increasing scientific scrutiny. Physicians and other healthcare providers are beginning to understand the critical importance of this relation­ ship to the health of patients, as well as to larger societal relationships, systems, and values. To facilitate the reader's exploration of the patient-physician relationship, all chap­ ters include numerous illustrative cases and conclude with cases for discussion that allow small groups of learners to tackle these difficult issues. Our hypothesis is that through discussion a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the patient-physician relationship will allow medical students and other future healthcare providers to form more effective therapeutic relationships with their patients. Part I of this textbook, "The Patient," explores the relationship through the patient's perspective, with chapters on human health and disease and individual and family devel­ opment. Understanding the patient's perspective is critical to establishing a sound thera­ peutic relationship. The day when a physician could maintain solely a disease or techno­ logical perspective is fading fast under the weight of patient criticism, particularly in primary care fields. Patients judge such a disease or technological perspective as less humane and frequently vote with their feet, finding other physicians who are much better able to balance the caring aspects of medicine with the curing.


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