Erschienen: 31.12.1993 Abbildung von Melanchthon / Scheible | Melanchthons Briefwechsel / Band 7: Regesten 6691-8071 (1553–1556) | 1993 | Regesten 6691-8071 (1553-1556)

Melanchthon / Scheible

Melanchthons Briefwechsel / Band 7: Regesten 6691-8071 (1553–1556)

Regesten 6691-8071 (1553-1556)

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1993. Buch. 529 S. Hardcover

frommann-holzboog. ISBN 978-3-7728-1601-7

Format (B x L): 17,5 x 25,4 cm

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This volume gives a clear picture of the vast number of duties and of the mass of information with which Melanchthon was bombarded daily. Together with Camerarius, Melanchthon had to inspect the Fürstenschulen and to examine the scholarship holders and also to interrogate recalcitrant predicants, since the dispute concerning the adiaphora was still not over. The controversy with Osiander concerning the correct doctrine of justification had to be assessed for Prussia, Pomerania and the imperial city of Nuremberg. Electoral Brandenburg demanded information on Christological problems, which resulted in Melanchthon’s finest theological treatise, created during many months of work. The scholars of Augsburg wanted clarification of Schwenckfeld’s theories, which for Melanchthon was a tedious and unresolved task. With the advent of Peter Canisius, he became aware of the first Jesuits. His friendly correspondence with the Danish king remained untroubled. His close relationship to the neighboring princes of Anhalt suffered greatly due to Georg of Anhalt’s premature death.


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