Oktober - Dezember 1942

Teil II Diktate 1941-1945: Band 6: Oktober - Dezember 1942
1996. Buch. 556 S. Hardcover
De Gruyter ISBN 978-3-598-22137-8
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The authentic duplicate copies on glass also provided the most important basis for the typewritten dictated pages from 1941 to 1945. The original sheets are scattered around the world, and with them alone it would not have been possible to prepare a complete edition. At the same time, all the fragments, no matter how small, preserved in various countries are consistent with the texts of the microcopies in Moscow. Therefore, the sensational discovery of the glass slides provided the final and most convincing proof that the diaries were genuine. The volumes of dictated entries give valuable new insights into the war period and war policy, as well as into everyday life and the situation of the German population during the war. Thus, they provide researchers with manifold new impulses. The dictated passages are published in their entirety in their final autographic version - including the military situation report prefacing every entry. Each entry has a brief introduction characterising the material on which the edition is based and giving a brief description of its history.
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