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McLean / Gallagher / Lodge

Scotland's Choices

The Referendum and What Happens Afterwards

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2013. Buch. 240 S. Softcover

Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 978-0-7486-6987-5

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Everything you need to know about Scotland’s independence referendum: the options, the big issues and what happens next Scotland’s voters are promised a referendum on independence in 2014: the country’s biggest decision since it became part of the union in 1707. While many of the details have yet to be finalised – the precise date, the wording of question, who is allowed to vote – we know for certain that this referendum will shape the future of the country, placing a heavy responsibility on Scotland’s electorate. But what will happen afterwards? What would independence mean? What about the oil? What will happen to Faslane? What will the currency be? What will happen to old age pensions if the UK splits? What will change if Scotland votes to stay in the Union? And how will Westminster, the rest of the UK and the EU respond? Scotland’s Choices clearly explains the issues you may not have considered, what will change after the referendum and how each of the options would be put into place. • Written by leading experts at the heart of the political process who are equipped to ask hard questions about the options • Lays out the facts in clear language without taking sides • Explains the little-understood Scotland Act, which will come into force if the vote is No • Looks at the key issues that must be addressed if the vote is Yes: public spending, tax and welfare, EU membership, the future of Faslane, the currency, financial regulation, oil revenues and many others Iain McLean is a Professor of Politics at the University of Oxford. Jim Gallagher is Gwilym Gibbon Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford and a Visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow. Guy Lodge is Gwilym Gibbon Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford and Associate Director at the Institute for Public Policy. Cover images: © Cover design: [EUP logo]


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