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English Academic Writing: Social constructivism and corpora

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2013. Buch. 320 S. Softcover

Shaker Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8440-1964-3

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It is not uncommon or unexpected, in the literature on English as a Second Language Teaching and Learning (ELTL), to find that close links between theory and practice should be forged and maintained in the ELTL classroom. It can at times, however, be difficult for the practicing teacher to discover how the more theoretical considerations can become more practical. That is, how can these considerations be implemented in the classroom. At other times, it is difficult to know what exactly the theory is behind the practice being carried out in the classroom. However, as teachers become more experienced, they often discover that practice and theory can inform one another in order to ensure that the teaching is as effective and efficient as possible. This thesis is written in an attempt to demonstrate practical applications of more theoretical work, in the field of ELTL, and to clarify the theories behind the more practical elements of ELTL. It is divided into three main fields: The three fields described and explained are social constructivism, corpus linguistics, and action research. These three disciplines, or methodologies, have aroused a great dealt of interest over the past twenty years in the theory and practice of ELTL. All three are brought together, in this work, to describe an empirical pedagogic action research project conducted at Hildesheim University, in an English for Academic Purposes course, and, more specifically, for the teaching and learning of English Academic Writing (EAW). The EAW course was specifically designed for English as a Foreign Language students who are training to be state school English teachers. It incorporates elements of social constructivism, corpus linguistics, and was investigated using Pedagogical Action Research. It demonstrates that probably the best place to conduct educational research is in the classroom.


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